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Terms and Conditions digital MTB permit

The following general conditions apply to individual use of the MTB permit of Natuurmonumenten.

Mountainbiker in het bos

Article 1. Definitions 

In these terms and conditions, the following terms are defined as:

1.1 The Association for the Preservation of Nature Monuments in the Netherlands (Chamber of Commerce number 4051.6730), located at Stationsplein, 3818 LE Amersfoort, hereinafter referred to as Natuurmonumenten: the association for people with a passion for nature and cultural heritage in the Netherlands. We manage and protect over 100,000 hectares of nature, care for the nature that remains, and are committed to creating new nature in the Netherlands. This applies not only to the areas we manage but also beyond. Natuurmonumenten asks all citizens to care for, maintain, and protect nature together. 

1.2 MTB rider: a person who uses a mountain bike on the designated MTB trails in Natuurmonumenten areas.

1.3 MTB trails: trails in Natuurmonumenten areas that are designated, marked, prepared, and open for mountain biking.

1.4 Valid MTB permit: the permit issued annually by Natuurmonumenten that allows riding on the MTB trails in mandatory areas. An MTB permit is valid for at least the stated year. The validity period runs from the start of sales (late October / early November of the previous year) through December of the specified year. 

1.4.1 Physical MTB permit: an MTB permit in sticker form.

1.4.2 Digital MTB permit: a digital, personalized version of the MTB permit.

1.5 A valid MTB permit is mandatory for riding on MTB trails in National Park Veluwezoom, National Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen, Bergherbos-Montferland, Voorsterbos, and Beetsterzwaag. For the other MTB trails in Natuurmonumenten's nature areas, a permit is desired but not mandatory.

Article 2. Purchase of MTB Permit

2.1 With a Dutch home address and bank account a physical MTB permit can be purchased online with Ideal at, and the sticker will be sent by post. The physical permits are also available at certain retail outlets. The complete list of retail outlets is published here:

2.2 People with a foreign home address and bank account can purchase a digital MTB permit with credit card online at

2.3 The pricing of the MTB permit can be adjusted annually. Check the current price of the digital permit at

2.4 The validity period of a digital MTB permit runs from the start of sales (late October / early November of the previous year) through December of the specified year. When an MTB permit is purchased later that year, it is valid through December of that specified year. No discounts are applicable when the permit is purchased later that specified year.

2.5 After purchasing the digital MTB permit, the permit must be stored in the Apple or Google Wallet app on the mobile phone of the MTB driver, as proof for being allowed to use the trails.

2.6 Once purchased, a MTB permit is nonrefundable, unless the buyer invokes their right of withdrawal and the permit has not been used in the meantime. The statutory period of 14 days applies to undo the purchase. To withdraw a digital MTB permit, the buyer must contact Natuurmonumenten within 14 days of purchase via the contact form on our website, via [email protected], or by calling out customer service at 0031 33 - 4797111.

Article 3. Use of the MTB Permit

3.1 Every MTB rider must have a valid MTB permit when using the MTB trails in the areas specified under article 1.5.

3.2 Every MTB rider must show the MTB permit to the enforcement officer upon request.

3.3 The digital MTB permit is personal and non-transferable. The enforcement officer can verify this during a check.

3.4 With the MTB permit, Natuurmonumenten grants MTB riders permission to enter the specified areas under article 1.5 that are owned or managed by Natuurmonumenten, and use the MTB trails according to the terms and conditions of Natuurmonumenten.

3.5 In the areas of Rijk van Nijmegen and Stichting Mountainbike Ontwikkeling Zuid-Limburg (MOZL), a regional permit has been introduced by third parties, in which Natuurmonumenten participates. The Natuurmonumenten MTB permit is not valid in these areas. 

Article 4. Area Entry and Use of MTB Trails

4.1 Use of the MTB trails of Natuurmonumenten is at one's own risk. Make sure to use a suitable bike, proper equipment, and always wear a helmet.

4.2 Natuurmonumenten accepts no liability in case of personal accidents or theft of personal belongings.

4.3 When entering the MTB trails of Natuurmonumenten, the MTB rider must be insured against liability for damage caused to others.

4.4 When using the MTB trails, the MTB rider must not hinder animals or other recreational users of the area. Not physically, nor through noise disturbance, such as shouting.

4.5 In Natuurmonumenten areas, it is mandatory for a MTB rider to stay on the MTB trails or use other designated bike paths. Cycling in other areas is not allowed. If the MTB rider deviates from the MTB trails or designated bike paths, or causes damage and/or nuisance in any other way, a fine may be imposed.

4.6 Natuurmonumenten reserves the right to (temporarily) close or reroute (parts of) MTB trails in the interest of nature or when the safety of MTB riders is at risk. In case this happens, Natuurmonumenten does not grant refunds.

Article 5. Personal Data and Privacy

5.1 Personal data is required for ordering a digital MTB permit from Natuurmonumenten. Natuurmonumenten adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the privacy statement available at

5.2 For ordering a digital MTB permit via Natuurmonumenten, the following details are registered: first name, last name, and email address. Natuurmonumenten uses this information to email the digital MTB permit. 

5.3 Following the guidelines for persons with a financial relationship with Natuurmonumenten, data of the purchaser is kept for 7 years.

Article 6. Changes to General Terms and Conditions

6.1 Natuurmonumenten has the right to change these Terms and Conditions, the price, form, and function of the digital MTB permit. Changes take effect one month after they are published on the Natuurmonumenten website (

Article 7. Complaints

7.1 For complaints regarding the digital MTB permit, you can contact Natuurmonumenten by using the contact form on our website, by emailing [email protected], or by calling our customer service at 0031 33 - 4797111.

7.2 For all disputes regarding the digital MTB permit, Dutch law applies, and the Dutch court in Utrecht has jurisdiction.

Article 8. Final Provision 

These General Terms and Conditions regarding the digital MTB permit, come into effect on 15-05-2024.

In case of differences between this English version of the Terms and Conditions regarding the digital MTB permit, the Dutch version of the General Terms and Conditions regarding the digital MTB permit is leading. The Dutch terms and conditions regarding the digital MTB permit can be found at